Dreaming in Digital Art


Puteri Cardinale has been in London for two years but is originally from Bali, Indonesia. She shares her passion for printed textiles and digital art that she will be showcasing in the upcoming Student Show.

What courses are you taking?
Painting & Drawing, Art & Design Theory, Textiles, Digital Imaging, Life Drawing. 

Why did you come to Blake? 
I came to Blake because it had the classes I wanted in a central location. I found it to be less expensive than any other qualified foundation course, with smaller classes meaning more teacher time. 

Why have you enjoyed it?
Blake has become a family! The teachers really care about the students – it's a non-judgemental space where I felt like I could really experiment with my art. Blake has helped me develop – not only as not only an artist, but as a person as well.

What do you plan/want to do after you graduate?
I want to stay in London and get more experience in print making and screen printing. I would love to do a textiles internship or study graphic design.


What's your dream job?
Owning my own textiles brand.

What's one of your favourite places/things/discoveries about London? 
South Bank Centre! It's art, food and music all in the same building!

Blake has helped me develop – not only as an artist, but as a person as well.

What's your dream job?
Owning my own textiles brand.

What's one of your favourite places/things/discoveries about London? 
South Bank Centre! It's art, food and music all in the same building!

Invasion Manual - Tutor Exhibition

Our Head of Foundation and Painting & Drawing teacher Patricia Mulligan is taking part in a group show titled 'Invasion Manual or How To Act In Extreme Situations and Instances Of War'

The exhibition will be at Art Lacuna on Falcon Road from 16th to 18th December, with a Private View on the 15th December from 6pm to 9pm.

In early 2015 The Lithuanian Ministry of National Defence distributed a manual informing its population on How to Act in Extreme Situations and Instances of War. The exhibition recasts the manual as a subjective space for horror, reflection or resistance, inviting 10 contributors to produce their own content for it. Each artist has given their own personal response; in the current context of ‘fake-news’ (incubated in the Ukrainian conflict) negotiating a path through fact and fiction, through personal and proximate responses. The responses, in the form of sculptures, performance, scores, posters, videos, maps, essays, paintings, take the form of a printed manual, Invasion Manual, the gallery becoming an information and distribution centre.

For more details visit https://www.facebook.com/events/582217391968743/



Moscow comes to London

This Monday (4th July) Blake College enjoyed hosting an exciting lecture/workshop with guest Illustrator Andrew Foster in collaboration with the British Higher School of Art & Design in Moscow BA Illustration students.

Students from both Blake and Moscow collaborated with to create a set of postcards reflecting a day in the life of Finsbury Park.

Foz (Andrew Foster) is an award winning Illustrator and educator and won the prestigious Illustrator: Educator of the Year in 2009 award winning international illustration journal 3x3. Stressing the importance of the illustrators voice, foz blends the line between Fine Art and Illustration and it was a an absolute pleasure working with both him and the Students form BHSAD.

The workshop was facilitated by both BHSAD BA Illustration Course Leader Christopher Rainbow and Blake/UAL BA Illustration Lecturer Juliet Sugg.

Blake College Student Show: A Student's Perspective

"The exhibition at the Ply Gallery in Hornsey Town Hall Art Centre was a nerve-wracking but incredibly fun experience, an opportunity that was presented to all students of Blake College.

From students studying full time BTEC qualification courses to part-time students who had joined halfway through the year: everyone joined in and helped put up their own creations. The work displayed throughout the gallery ranged from sculptures, videos and paintings to cloth/textile work and photography, and everyone enjoyed the diversity.

The private view itself was full of people and a variety of artworks were sold, one student even had a sold out show! The amount of support visitors provided the students with was an amazing and eye-opening experience, especially considering the majority of students had not experienced an exhibition before.

Blake provided us with the opportunity to use a real gallery for our show which gave students, like myself, a taste of the real world of being an artist and what it will entail. Which meant not only caring about what your work looked like but the experience of curating what and where things were, working with other fellow artist/students on dealing with space and making a flow in the gallery all came with the priceless experience of the Student Show.

None of which would have been possible if it wasn't for the help from the Head of Foundation, Patricia Mulligan, things would of been everywhere and who knows if the show would have gone ahead as planned and as successfully as it had.

To conclude, the show was a huge success and students were able to make new contacts for the future and celebrate the end of the year with a memorable show."

- Puteri Cardinale, Foundation Student, 2015-16.  

College Relocates to Finsbury Park’s Growing ‘Art Hub’

'Blake College of Art and Design, which offers BTEC courses in Fine Art, Interior, Graphic Design and Photography, has moved to Woodfall Road, by Finsbury Park Station, after its lease expired at its former premises in Bloomsbury Street.

The move, which took place in October, was celebrated at a launch party attended by students, teachers and locals last week.

“We’ve always been in a very central location in London but when we started looking round for a new place we found out Finsbury Park was very up-and-coming in terms of the arts with lots of new businesses moving here,” the college’s managing director, Ruth Brooks, said.

“The facilities are really good in terms of space and it’s a very accessible area.”...

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