Invasion Manual - Tutor Exhibition

Our Head of Foundation and Painting & Drawing teacher Patricia Mulligan is taking part in a group show titled 'Invasion Manual or How To Act In Extreme Situations and Instances Of War'

The exhibition will be at Art Lacuna on Falcon Road from 16th to 18th December, with a Private View on the 15th December from 6pm to 9pm.

In early 2015 The Lithuanian Ministry of National Defence distributed a manual informing its population on How to Act in Extreme Situations and Instances of War. The exhibition recasts the manual as a subjective space for horror, reflection or resistance, inviting 10 contributors to produce their own content for it. Each artist has given their own personal response; in the current context of ‘fake-news’ (incubated in the Ukrainian conflict) negotiating a path through fact and fiction, through personal and proximate responses. The responses, in the form of sculptures, performance, scores, posters, videos, maps, essays, paintings, take the form of a printed manual, Invasion Manual, the gallery becoming an information and distribution centre.

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