My First Week at Blake - Buddie Maddicott

Having been out of education for eight years, I recently made the decision to do what I've wanted to do for an extremely long time and go back to art school... and have found myself at Blake College! I've now been there for just over a week, and so far I can definitely say it was an excellent choice.

Our first week was induction week, where we got to try every course offered at the college before deciding which subjects we wanted to focus on this term. This was great as it gave us a chance to try subjects we may never even have thought of taking; who knew I would find myself wanting to study graphic communication?!

This week our classes started in earnest, with project briefs being given out and lessons designed to help us start thinking about the different directions we could take our work. Today's graphic communication class was particularly fun, as it involved exploring the area around Blake College by going on a 'treasure hunt' of sorts, to create images inspired by our environment... we were given an hour to find objects ranging from a pastry to a ghost, which surprisingly could all be found in Finsbury Park (although admittedly the ghost did require some rather creative thinking).

The size of Blake means that it's easy to feel settled in really quickly, rather than spending the first month trying to remember 500 names and getting lost down mystery corridors and ending up in a science department; we've already started to get to know each other and our tutors, and it feels like it's going to be a really exciting year.

~ Buddie Maddicott - Level 4 Art Foundation Student from London