How I took my photography to the next level


Former student MasaHiro Ikeda travels the world taking stunning landscape and documentary photographs. Here he shares how Blake College helped turn his passion into his profession.


When did you study at Blake? College


What were you doing before you came to Blake College and what made you decide to study here? 

I started my photography business in 2012 and had been travelling around the world taking landscape and animal photos. After that, since I was interested in commercial photography, I was looking for a small school to learn studio photography. 

One day I found Blake College online by chance and visited the college the day after. Since I liked the atmosphere and the people at the college so much, I decided to resister on the spot. The size of the school, studio, teachers and staff made me realise that actually Blake College was the best place to learn. 

What have you gone on to do since studying? 


Since studying at Blake College, I came back to Japan and started my photography business. A year later, I founded a wedding and family photography company with my wife. Now I am a professional social, commercial and landscape photographer and videographer.

All of the teachers valued how we would think about a photo before actually taking it; I’ve always remembered that.

What did you enjoy most about Blake College? 

I enjoyed talking about the projects with other students in the class. Because all of the students had different backgrounds, all of our projects had very different results.

What I liked most about Blake College is that all of the teachers valued how we would think and plan before actually taking the photo, more than the final image itself. 

It actually made the way I do my work much better and I have always remembered this. 

What advice do you have for up and coming students? 

Especially to the international students like me, I recommend Blake College. The staff and teachers are super kind, so just ask anything you don’t know, they will help you. 

If you would like to be a professional photographer, in my experience, the best way is to shoot more than anyone and show your work to as many people as possible.