Photography and fluidity

Originally from Russia, Elizaveta Muravyeva was drawn to Blake College because of its smaller size and friendly, professional staff.


What courses are you taking?
Foundation level 4 qualification in Art & Design with a main focus in Photography and Graphic Design.

Why did you come to Blake?
I was searching for a place that provided art education to international students like me. My decision to study at Blake College was easily made: a small, friendly, professional place full of intelligent and creative teachers and staff.

It’s just the best place to learn, make and produce artwork in any shape, form and size.

Why have you enjoyed it?
It has an ideal timetable with a range of subjects, gallery trips and outside college activities. The theoretical and practical classes, workshops and experiments are never boring, but challenging and inspiring. All of the teachers take an individual approach to each student, allowing for personal development of their own artistic language and path. It's just the best place to learn, make and produce artwork in any shape, form and size.


What do you plan/want to do after you graduate?
I'm looking forward to using my skills in photography, videography and graphic design in my future career as a choreographer and movement director. It will definitely help me to visualise physical work as well as capture movement in stills, as well as manipulate and experiment.

What's one of your favourite places/things/discoveries about London?
One of my favourite things that I've discovered in London is the freedom to think creatively, share your craziest ideas and make your dreams real.