Surrealism with a side of fantasy

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Former Blake College student Lindsay Pickett loves being hands on when bringing his unique perspective to life.

Starting with a small watercolour or photograph, he uses these to develop his final idea, creating a convincing visual reality. A lot of what he now paints is mainly self-taught. He enjoys painting in oils on canvas, linen and board as it "gives the imagery more colour and character."

Crooked politics

Crooked politics

His historical influences arose from Surrealism and fantasy art. He counts Hieronymus Bosch, Pieter Brueghel, Rene Magritte and M. C. Escher as influencers. Lindsay said: "With Escher, metamorphosis is a recurring theme as it is with Salvador Dali and this drew me to their work."

Alien Paris

Alien Paris

When did you study at Blake?  

Between 1993 to 1995.

What were you doing before you came to Blake College and what made you decide to study here?  

I studied my GCSEs and A levels in Art and Design away at boarding school.

What have you gone on to do since studying?

Since studying at Blake, a lot has happened but to cut a long story short, I went on at first, to study an HND in Printmaking and Bookbinding for two years, then went on to study a BA Hon Degree in Fine Art at University of East London. I specialised in painting. Since then art has always been my calling.

Taste of two halves

Taste of two halves

What was thing you enjoyed most about the college?

I enjoyed meeting new people and also found the still life courses interesting. I remember when we had to draw a collection of objects in the middle of the room and draw on the paper without looking at what we were drawing! Very amusing. I also liked some of the classes that involved illustration as well but to be honest, I was young and at the time I knew I could have worked much harder!

What advice would you give to up and coming students who wish to make art their career?

This is not an easy one to answer as it's certainly not a very easy path to take.

In my experience, it all seems to be about how many people you know and to network with as many people as possible. Visit art shows and private views to talk to people first and get their business cards. Make sure your artwork is online and use social media such as Facebook and Instagram to promote yourself.

Always apply for online competitions and awards – these will help you to find the right opportunities to exhibit your work and get it seen by the right people. I am still doing this to this day! 

Visit art shows and private views to network and get their business cards.