Whether you're looking to study for a year, six months or up your skills in the evening, Blake College has you covered for Art and Design.

We offer a mix and match variety of courses that Pearson Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma in

AUTUMN TERM    September, 18th, 2017 - December, 15th, 2017

Monday All day Studio use
Tuesday Morning Painting & Drawing
  Afternoon Photography
Wednesday Morning Textiles
  Afternoon Spatial Design/Darkroom Photography
Thursday Morning Life Drawing
  Afternoon Art and Design Theory
Friday Morning Illustration
  Afternoon Digital Imaging



Digital Photography

Projects are designed to develop practical and creative skills that will help inspire and inform your work. Learn to:

  • operate a professional digital camera on location and in the studio
  • produce high quality digital images
  • manipulate photos for maximum effect using Photoshop
  • use professional editing software to technically and aesthetically enhance photographs
  • prepare images effectively for print and web

Practical Photography

Operating from the internationally renowned Holborn Studios, you will have the opportunity to use a state of the art studio and darkroom facilities. Learn from Bill Ling, an international fashion photographer whose editorial credits include Vogue, Harpers Bazaar, Cosmopolitan and Brides magazine.

Learn to:

  • operate a film camera on location and in the studio  
  • shoot in different lighting situations and use a professional flash
  • process film in a darkroom with printing techniques
  • shoot film in black and white

Blake Photography students pay a small charge of £100 per six week project, or £12.50 for a half day, when using this world class facility. 


Photography Workshop

Workshops provide the skills and experience necessary to create a stunning photographic portfolio.
Learn to:

  • make connections between technical aspects of photography and and visual outcomes
  • control colour from different light sources
  • shoot for still life and portraiture using different studio lighting techniques
  • use creative darkroom processes like toning, bleaching and hand tinting
  • use photographic techniques, equipment and materials to create professional images


Focus on developing your skills in researching and exploring a variety of fashion visualisation techniques used by fashion designers and illustrators. 
Learn to:

  • respond to a given brief
  • get your ideas on
  • approach fashion using a variety of methods 
  • use different materials and media to develop your own style 
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Dissect and analyse the qualities of colour, texture, surface and form, expressing new, unrestricted ideas. Learn to:

  • Explore the tactile and visual elements of materials
  • create surface pattern and texture on flat artwork, textural fabrications and 3D forms for application in interior design, fashion and installations
  • apply techniques including weave, knit, tie-dye and batik using pastels, wax, bleach, sponges and stencils amongst other media.


Focus on developing visual concepts through the creative use of words and imagery for commercial, experimental and personal projects. Our studio is equipped with state of the art Apple Macs including Photoshop, Illustrator, Flash and InDesign. Learn to:

  • design magazine, CD and packaging as well as advertisements, logotype and corporate branding
  • explore typographic design and graphic image making
  • combine digital and traditional processes, working through a brief from concept to completion 

Digital Imaging

Both technical and creative, this course is suitable for beginners and those who want to extend their knowledge. The skills acquired allow for a wide range of applications across art, graphic design and photography. Learn to:

  •  use Adobe CS5 Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign and Dreamweaver on state of the art Apple Mac computers.
  • create logos and illustrations

It is . Photoshop is for manipulating and combining images, Illustrator is used to create logos and illustrations, InDesign is great for layout and typography while Dreamweaver is for designing and developing websites. Authentic design briefs give an edge to the learning.



The emphasis of this course is a free and innovative approach to realistic briefs using a diverse range of media and music, poems, animation as inspiration. Suitable for students interested in comics, political and street art, cartooning, children's books, magazine illustration. Learn to: 

  • communicate ideas or stories to an audience
  • catch a mood and instantly convey a message about a subject or product
  • open up key themes and think laterally to create relevant and contemporary imagery



Painting and drawing

Covers both observational skills and the expression of the imagination. This course opens the eyes to the so called 'real world' and channels ideas and experiences into colours, lines and shapes. Learn to:

  • apply core concepts to all art and design areas, such as colour theory, composition and drawing approaches  
  • develop proportion and perspective in your own style
  • use gouache, acrylics, watercolours and oils 

Life drawing

Focuses on responding to and representing the nude, human figure in its many forms. Fast drawing of short poses encourages a response which makes students live the experience, overcoming fear of personal expression. Longer poses allow a study of the whole figure as well as sections focusing on detail. Learn to:

  • draw life size with a focus on collage, tonal studies, contour breakdown, plane intersection and colour
  • develop a versatile and refined visual sense
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Art and Design theory 

Spans last century to the present day through a series of lectures, class discussions as well as visits to exhibitions and permanent collections. Learn to:

  • review and analyse visual and verbal messages alongside interacting with others
  • visualise techniques through art historical facts and theories
  • work and locate it within a broader framework

Spatial design

Teaches the skills of hard line measured drawing combined with lighting, rendering, material, finishes and furniture as well as the presentation of mood and sample boards. Learn to:

  •  survey, scale and draw plans, sections and elevations as well as axonometric drawings. Projects range from compact living spaces to cutting edge urban environments
  • create original interior and exterior architectural spaces based on creative and analytical investigations/research
  • Visualise by hand or using 3D software