Painting & Drawing

Covering both observational skills and the expression of the imagination, this course opens the eyes to the so called 'real world' and channels ideas and experiences into colours, lines and shapes.

  • Apply core concepts to all art and design areas such as colour theory, composition and drawing
  • Develop proportion and perspective in your own style
  • Use gouache, acrylics, watercolours and oils

Life Drawing

Focuses on responding to the nude human figure in its many forms. Drawing exercises encourage students to overcome initial reservations and advance personal expression.

  • Draw life size with a focus on collage, tonal studies, contour breakdown, plane intersection and colour
  • Develop a versatile and refined visual sensitivity

Art & Design Theory

Critique the past century of art and design movements through a series of lectures, class discussions and exhibition visits.

  • Analyse visual and verbal stimuli
  • Examine theories within their historical context
  • Develop an analytical framework for contemporary practice

Spatial Design

Projects develop an understanding of everything from compact living space to sprawling urban environments.

  • Design plans, cross sections, elevations and axonometric drawings
  • Create original interior and exterior architectural spaces based on analytical investigation
  • Work with traditional techniques and 3D media