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Make Your Own Graphic Novel or Comic


Do you like to create your own comics? Do you have an idea for a Graphic Novel but don’t know where to start? Are you an illustrator or artist who wants to turn your hand at visual storytelling? Perhaps you are simply a fan of narrative art and want to know more…

Whether you already have an idea in mind or simply want to explore the world of sequential art, this short summer course could be just what you are looking for.

By exploring a number of different techniques and approaches, Authorial Illustrator, Juliet Sugg will help you investigating areas such as storytelling, character development, relationships between text and image, sequence, layout, composition, how to create and draw from a script and how to make your own zines/comics

Through practical, fun workshops you will be lead through a variety of illustrative approaches, learning how to create stories and develop your own visual styles. By the end of the five day course you will have made a dummy zine of your own and gain a real understanding of how to generate and flesh out ideas for graphic novels and comics.

All classes at Blake College of Art & Design are kept to a small number, allowing space for genuine 1:1 tuition with the teacher and a friendly, relaxed environment.

What will be covered over this course?

  • Storytelling
  • Making Zines/Comics and Mini Books
  • How to develop ideas and bring them to life
  • How to write for visual stories
  • Character Development
  • Relationships between text and image
  • Sequence and pace in Narrative Art
  • Design, Layout, Composition
  • Exploration of various graphic techniques and developing your style
  • How to get over the blank page fear

Are you a writer not a drawer? Perhaps you are a team looking to develop a project together? If so this course is welcome to you too!

Suitable from beginners through to those with more experience who may be looking to develop ideas and projects.

Each course runs from 10am until 4pm from Monday to Friday and costs £450.
Students wishing to take three or more courses can do so for £395 per course.
All prices include VAT.

For more information email study@blake.ac.uk or to book online immediately click here