Whether you're looking to study for a year, six months or develop your skills in the evening, Blake College has you covered for Art and Design.

We offer a mix and match variety of courses accredited by Pearson, Level 3 Subsidiary Diploma in Photography, Fashion, Fine Art and Graphic Design.
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Digital Photography

Projects are designed to develop practical and creative skills that will inform your digital process.

  • Operate a professional digital camera on location and in the studio
  • Produce high quality digital images
  • Use professional editing software to enhance photographs
  • Prepare images effectively for print and web

Practical Photography

This hands-on course will prepare you for the rigors of a demanding industry. You will also gain an appreciation for traditional analogue techniques and their place in contemporary practice.

  • Operate a film camera on location and in the studio
  • Process film in a darkroom and produce handmade prints
  • Develop an understanding of lighting design and use professional flash equipment
  • Conceptualise a shoot from storyboard to final edit

Photography Workshop

Our workshops provide the skills and experience necessary to create a stunning photographic portfolio.

  • Form connections between technical aspects of photography and visual outcomes
  • Shoot portraiture, reportage, still life and landscape photographs
  • Process film and implement creative darkroom processes such as toning, bleaching and hand tinting
  • Develop a professional portfolio of work