Students at Blake come from all backgrounds and typically we have a mix of international and UK students of all ages. Alumni often go on to study at prestigious universities or enter the creative industries. 


“What I like about Blake is the family feel and openness to everyone. Everyone always help each other out and the creativity never runs out with the people, especially the teachers – they are the coolest! ”

Puteri Cardinale – BTEC Foundation – International (Bali)

“Technically, there are many art schools that offer art classes where artists can develop their skills and find their paths. But the environment within this college specifically is one of a kind, and this environment was a key factor that got me to improve and develop as an artist. It’s a small family-like environment with a very laid back chilled vibe. We all got to know each other and were constantly seeking to be inspired by one another and so we all pushed each other to produce the best work we possibly could. The chilled out laid back environment is perfect to create a relaxing judgement-free zone for everyone to be comfortable with everything they do and produce. I have gained more and more confidence and experience with every project through the help of my teachers and the friends I made.”

Jana Al-Derhalli – BTEC Subsidiary – International (USA)

"Blake gave me a lot. I learned all the practical skills to be a professional photographer (including how to start a business) by the great friendly teachers. Just after I finished the Blake course I started a small company by myself and now I live only by earnings from my photos. I'm really enjoying what I am doing now. I'm grateful to everyone I met at Blake :)"

Masa Hiro Ikeda, Photography,

 "Having the advantage of being a small college, Blake's team of teachers
and staff are not only very committed but also friendly and highly effective.
Even after completing my studies I still have the support
of Blake College in my personal projects."

Juliana Ramos da Costa, Digital Media student 2010-11

"Blake College was the only place which offered what seemed
to me to be the perfect course"
Ann Sofie Buntzen, student

I did my BTEC Diploma at Blake back in 2005. I cannot say enough good things about it. The course introduced me to a completely new world through great tutors and a very hands on approach on every subject I chose.  

 I don't know how I would have gone through my first year of University without that course! 

The atmosphere was great and very international. Having started the course just after a few months I had moved to London I always felt welcome and surrounded by people willing to help me, even with my Not very good English at that time!

Elena Licci, Architect

"Blake is not just a college but more of a family. A family that encourages you to imagine, dream and achieve more than ever before."

Amir Dian, Subsidiary Diploma, Photography  2015

"Blake is the reason why today I work as a photographer. Great tutors that deal with you on a personal level. Enough said!"

Klas Strom, Sweden,

"Blake college has been without a doubt one of my best experiences
in London, the friendly staff always willing to help you, the experience
and passionate tutors, well equipped design, art and media studios, the
arty atmosphere, the opportunity to share ideas with creative people,
this place was a perfect boost for my professional development..."

Luis Manuel Cardenas Pena, BTEC Foundation in Art & Design, 2010-11


“What I like about Blake College is that it’s a very small college which gives you the opportunity to get help from teachers and have regular talks to make sure you’re on track.”

Thugitha Kugathasan – BTEC Foundation – UK

"The year I spent at Blake College was, above all, broadening. The diversity of the students and different teachers approaches helped my artwork develop in new directions and to open up new ideas. The community feeling, and encouragement of tutors, helped those ideas develop in an environment that was both positive and challenging and has given strength to my art practice, I really appreciate the time I spent at Blake."

Blanche Ellis, Artist/Musician. BTEC Foundation in Art and Design

"The small, friendly atmosphere at Blake truly makes this college a great place to study. Wonderful, knowledgeable staff, ready to help however they can. Teaching staff, all respected professionals in their specialisms. Fellow students from the UK and around the world who foster an inclusive attitude towards each other. I loved the buzz in the classrooms and the positive energy generated in each lesson. A wonderful experience that I would recommend to anyone wanting to study in a creative and unique environment. You will love it!"

Nasreen Akhtar – 6 week Illustration Course – UK